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Our student house guide: What to look out for when looking at student housing


Finding the right property may take some searching so don’t just sign for the first one you see. Before you sign for a property, take a look at our guide to ensure that you find the right place for you!

Location -

Take some time to really think about where you want to be based. As a group of mates you really need to sit down a think where would be best as a whole for you to be based. Choosing an unfavourable location could cost you in the long run.


Take your time to sit down and work out what you want from your property; location, price, space and security are all things to factor in when choosing where to view. The cheapest option isn’t always the most economical in the long run, this is a common mistake when students choose where to live.

Private landlords or Lettings Agents?-

This may be a predicament you find yourselves in. They both have their pros and cons, however we would advise using a letting agent. They will add a layer of security for you, working as the middle man between yourselves and the landlord to ensure that everything is done by the book and meets legal standards.


Current tenants-

If possible when viewing a property, having the chance to talk to the current tenants can give you great insight to what the property is actually like, they can answer any questions you may have about the property in first hand experience.

Energy Bills-

Energy bills can be one of the biggest costs to student if they are not included in the rent. Making sure that the house is well-insulated and the house is in good working order could make a difference of £100s in bills throughout the calendar year.

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